How to play PUBG After the ban in india?

The way to Download PUBG is even easier-Download How in just one click

Hello friends, welcome to all of you! Let us start on this blog, how to play and How to Download Pubg after being banned in India, 

yes, I am talking about the same Pubg which was banned on 2 Sep 2020.

Friends, it was very bad to hear that there was a time that while playing PUBG with friends, he used to practice and never got too much time from friends,

but he had to meet PUBG daily, in the evening time, at 5 o'clock in the morning Pubg, play at night at 3 pm Play anytime with friends playing Pubg.

Thinking about these things, you have brought a very good idea for the people, I talk about the work of not taking it in talks, How To Download and install Pubg and play.

Pubg Game Play, first you download Pubg. But how to download it? So you don't have to worry too much, so do it now Download :-)

What to do after download?

After downloading Pubg, you can go to your Filemanager and then to the Download file.
First, install Pubg.apk and open it and then remove that task.
And then after going to that resource file of Pubg in an Obb's file inside the Android file, you will get the file by com.Tencent.ig and paste it into that file.
 After the process is compiled
 You people have to download a small app, I give the link to that file below.

When this file is downloaded, install that app and open it and turn it on. Then you can open your Pubg and play it

Is PUBG infringement on Indian government orders? 

On 2 September, the Government of India banned the Chinese App, PUBG was also banned along with 188 applications, it was told that these apps

were stealing users' data in an unauthorized manner, in a very simple way to increase their activities. 

The Indian government banned the Chinese App to protect the state, defense

This step will protect the interests of millions of Indians and mobile users, this decision is a very good step for the protection of Indians.  


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